Run With Power Welcomes our Newest Trainer Cindy Walsh

Runwithpower is thrilled to welcome Cindy to our training staff

As the newest member of the RunwithPower team it is fitting that I introduce myself and provide a brief personal history so you, the reader, have an understanding of who I am and the experiences I have encountered as they will surely influence my future posts on My name is Cindy, a recent college grad; I spent my undergraduate years studying Health and Human Performance. Studying HHP seemed to be an obvious field of study as the years leading up to college were filled with a unique fascination for sports, injuries and rehabilitation.

There were early signs that I may be athletically inclined, I was crawling by 6 months and mastered walking before 9 months. Some of my earliest memories are of “shooting hoops” in my basement with my dad and brother. I participated in all of the traditional childhood team sports, but always had more of a passion for basketball. I continued to play multiple sports throughout Jr. High and High School, trying new sports as they became available (i.e. track in Jr. High).

I was fortunate to escape injury until basketball season my sophomore year when the floodgates opened. The first injury incurred was the “unhappy triad” I tore the ACL, MCL and Meniscus in my left knee as a result of a jump stop gone wrong. Out of respect for your time I’ll give you a quick synopsis of the remainder of my basketball career: Jr. year, torn left ACL. Sr. year, torn right ACL. At this point I did not feel like my career should be over so I thought I would give college ball a try. I tore the ACL in my right knee within minutes of the first open gym I attended.

I was not going to let my athletic career come to an end one week into college. I had previously considered trying to participate in both basketball and track, when I finally accepted the fact that basketball just was not going to work out I became that much more determined to make track—long jump specifically, “my sport” and that it has become. With a personal goal yet to be satisfied my track career is still very much alive, and there are high hopes for this season!

It was because of my knee injuries that I was introduced to the training system is dedicated to sharing with you. I have had the opportunity to practice efficiency training for over 7 years. Until recently I have just been a participant, however, I am now taking on an additional role one responsible for showing, teaching, and sharing with others how efficiency training can impact athletic performance and even day to day lives.

I look forward to sharing more about philosophy and training as my understanding continues to grow. While the educational topics are the focus of, we provide our personal stories so our readers can connect and share in our experiences. To this effect I included my basketball injuries to provide hope and motivation to those who are experiencing similar circumstances. If you experience an injury, know that with hard work and determination you can bounce back…plus you never know what unexpected benefits may result from your injury!


Trinity Summer Conditioning Camp 2010

For the fifth summer in a row, Trinity Sports has hosted its July training camp, a 4 hour per day, 5 day per week, 4-week sports conditioning camp. There really is nothing like getting up at 8 in the morning and for 4 grueling hours, pushing your body to the absolute limit. Camp was a huge success this year. Each year more and more middle and high school athletes are hearing about Trinity Camp and making it a major part of their summer conditioning. We hit the 100-camper mark for the first time this year, an impressive number given no advertisement other than word of mouth.

There were a number of changes to this year’s camp that made it unique in comparison to the previous years. For one, we came up with an official Trinity logo, which makes the t-shirts look very professional and much more recognizable. The addition of Cindy Walsh to not only the Trinity trainer crew but also the Runwithpower crew brings Trinity its first female representative, which was great for the female athletes in camp. Continue to check Runwithpower for posts by Cindy, as she will be talking about her training experience and her athletic career.

The biggest change to camp was the focus on sport specificity in the second session. The first session of camp is the first 2 hours of each day, where the training consists of high levels of muscular demand to increase range of motion and efficiency in the athlete’s structural joints, particularly the hips, taking their athleticism to a whole new level. The second session in the past was all about strength. The campers would spend a great deal of time lifting as well as doing dynamic strengthening. This year, however, we split the campers into their individual sports for the second session and they would spend time doing strength focused on their sport’s demands, as well as doing skill training in their sport. We had soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, track and cross-country, and baseball. The addition of the sports specific session helped out tremendously as the athletes began to integrate their training into their sport.

Finally, the first session of camp was much more focused on quality of training rather than quantity. We traditionally spent the first week and a half doing what we call a “tear-down”, where the athlete’s body becomes significantly fatigued and stressed as the extreme levels of demand take their toll on their muscular system and break through any inefficient muscular patterns that may be limiting their performance. What this normally does is it causes the athlete to relearn how to move in those fundamental ways with greater efficiency of movement. The rest of camp, then, is to rebuild the athlete with their new muscular patterns. This year, we did not do a tear-down. The reason for this was, many of the campers were in the middle of summer league competition, and when you do a tear-down, the athletes performance may temporarily suffer until they are able to train for a few weeks with their new muscular patterns. Instead of tearing down by doing heavy demand, we made the workouts not quite as intense at first, but really emphasized proper form on every single exercise to get the greatest benefit without breaking down the body. In the end, we liked the tear-down from the previous years, but again the new style helped the summer athletes to be able to perform well in competition during camp, and it also contributed to them being able to develop their sport specific skills during the second session.


A successful First Hood to Coast!

Despite some last minute changes to the team, we were still able to finish 80th Overall with a time of 24:14:29! We were pleased overall but now the challenge begins to improve. We are praying our team is allowed back in again this year as we have already set our sights on a top 40 finish in 2011. The race itself was incredible. It was a very unique experience for us as at one point we were the very last place team on the course. The race goes in waves so teams begin in the morning and are released in 15 minute intervals all the way until 6:45 pm. Our first van had the pleasure of being passed by all of the elite teams that took off after us but we also started to quickly catch some of the teams that left ahead of us.

During the end of the second van’s first shift there was an accident of some sort just a minute or so after our runner and two teams behind us had passed. This stopped all teams behind us and those teams were moved ahead further into the race and picked it up from there. Needless to say the two teams left behind us caught and passed us so we had the unique experience of being the very last team on the course. We eventually caught hundreds of teams and we had the unique opportunity to get double road kills on the same runners as we had to repass everyone we did in the first 8-9 legs.

Here are some pictures form the great event. Thanks to all who volunteered to make Hood to Coast such a unique and spectacular event.

The Starting Line at Timberline Lodge. Our Team left in one of the last waves starting at 6:15pm Friday Night

Getting ready for one of the last van exchanges


Josh’s Boston Marathon Experience Part 2

My worries were pushed to the back of my mind as I entered Athlete’s Village on that crisp and cool Monday morning.  Thousands of runners from all over the world were there, all of them just as eager as me to see the dream become a reality a few short hours away.  The hours melted into mere moments as we made our way to our respective starting points.  I was all warmed up, said a quick prayer, and got ready for an experience unlike any in the world of running.  Men and women, young and old, veterans and first timers like me surged forward as we approached the start line.  The crowd of thousands that surrounded me on all sides seemed to flow together as one, like a school of fish, or flock of birds.  The sheer number of people overwhelmed the pavement, covering every square inch.  The adrenaline pulsing through me propelled me forward through the crowd, as thousands more people gathered along the sides of the course calling out encouragement to their friends and family.

Three miles into the experience of a lifetime the pressure in my knee started to build.  Feelings of panic gripped me, was I going to come all this way just to not finish?  No way!!  I decided it was all or nothing, if I was going to have to stop then i was going to make it as far as I could first.  Time to ramp up the pace!  I picked a runner up in front of me and ran right on his hip.  Together we weaved in and out of hundreds, maybe even thousands of runners.  I did my best to ignore the now extreme discomfort I was feeling in my knee.  Seeing the half way point did wonders, boosting my determination and focus.

Cruising along in the later stages of the race

I crossed at 1:27 which was better than I could had dreamed going into the race with all the weight and fear of injury.  From there on out it was one mile at a time.  I kept telling myself that I would stop and stretch my IT band as soon as I saw my Dad and friend Loren, who came to Boston with me. They saw me at miles 10 and 20, but they were lost to my searching eyes, standing amongst the thousands of spectators.  So I did the only thing left to do, I kept going.  I was really struggling to keep running by mile twenty.  The lack of running over the past month and a half was starting to show as the fatigue threatened my chances of finishing.  But, at the top of heart-break hill I found new energy as hundreds of crazy screaming Boston College students urged us on! With five miles it was mostly down hill to go.

I pushed like I had never pushed before my confidence building with each mile.  Then there was only two tenths of a mile to go and I emptied what little energy I had left from the tank, finally finishing the race! I was done, I did it without stopping despite the pain and the fatigue, and that in it self felt good.  When I finally found Loren and my Dad they gave me the best news of the day. Not only had I finished, but I ran a new PR! My official time was 3 hours 8 minutes and 12 seconds!  At that moment it didn’t matter that every muscle in my body ached with soreness, and in two weeks time I would forget about any IT band problems.  I did it!  Thank you so much to everyone who supported me through the tough times and celebrated with me in my success!!

Mission Accomplished


Josh’s Boston Marathon Experience Part 1

It’s amazing what one week with a really bad cold can do to three months worth of rigorous training.  I was a month and a half away from leaving for Boston when one of the most challenging moments in my young running career seemed to all but destroy my chances.  I woke up one Monday morning not feeling too great, and as the day wore on I only felt worse! I figured one day of rest isn’t going to ruin all I had worked for up t that point, so I took the day off instead of risking getting more sick.  The next day was arguably worse than before.  The day after that, same story.  A full week of absolutely zero training of any kind was gone, just like that.

That Saturday I decided it was time to run, regardless of whether or not I was a hundred percent.  Sadly enough, it wasn’t the pounding headache that had me limping only 9 miles into a 12 mile run.  The run started out great, I was back where I belonged, feet seemingly floating along the pavement.  This feeling of elation turned to frustration as I felt the pressure build on the outside of my right knee.  If you have ever experienced the devastating feeling of not being able to do what you love no matter how hard you try to push through, then you will be able to relate to how i was feeling at that moment.  The IT band muscle that runs down the lateral portion of the left leg to the knee was the source of my problem.  During the week I was sick my body reacted very negatively to the lack of training and stimulus to my muscular system.

My body was so used to training using the 4 Laws that when I didn’t do any training for a week I tightened up, causing my muscular system to shift my skeletal system, ever so slightly, out of alignment.  Every time I would try to run this misalignment would cause my IT band muscle to rub against mu knee, giving me the pleasant sensation of feeling like my knee had exploded into flame!  Using the 4 Laws of training, my coach and I were able to realign my body.  The problem was that I had not developed any muscular endurance in this newly aligned position, as a result, ever time I would try to run my new stride would fatigue after a few miles, causing the all too familiar fire to return to my knee.  I became very disheartened and frustrated as the days turned to weeks and I still couldn’t run.  If it was not for the incredible prayers and support of family and friends I wouldn’t have had the motivation to keep with it.

The silver lining of the story, from a training standpoint was integration.  The one thing I was able to do to stay in shape was integrate.  So, for the next month and a half I integrated as aggressively as i could.  Integration gave my muscular system enough of the right kind of stimulus to help get my body back to where it was before the tightness settled in.  I gradually started running very short distances, with tons of integration between laps.  Before I knew it, it was time to board the flight to Boston.  I was nervous, having not run over five miles in the last 45 days leading up to race day, but there was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity


Hood to Coast Training Day #4 Balance Beams for Running?

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Today was another great workout. The concept for this one continues our progression of developing higher levels of power in our strides. To accomplish this goal today we focused on increasing the range of motion in the major muscles of the lower body by doing some partner range of motion exercises and some long static hold positions to lengthen the muscles of the hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors, and also the lumbar spine.

Following the lengthening of these muscles we would then go and place some high levels of demand on them by doing loaded moves on a series of balance beams. The purpose behind the balance beams is it forces you to create a higher level of muscular activation due to the amount of balance coupled with the normal running moves Like High Knee Walks and Lunges.

Below is a video Loren, Josh and I put together that demonstrates some of the partner stretching we did today. This was made awhile ago for our other training blog,

Hood to Coast Training Day #3 Stairs, Stairs, and then some more Stairs

I apologize for the lateness of this update. This dates back to last Saturday when we decided to meet at a location where we had access to some stairs. It was a great workout as all of our stair routines are. The benefit of using the stairs is the ability to force your hips into positions that will increase the range of motion of your hip and your stride. There were no pictures this time but let us show you this stair workout video we posted awhile back in case you missed it.

Next Post we will go over our range of motion/ balance beam combo routine!

Loren’s Sub-Fifty Quest: Part 7

Well its Monday and I am just starting the 4th week of this first period of my running progression. I did a tough 6 x 800 meters today, and I can definitely notice the increase in my muscular endurance from just a few weeks ago. I guess you could call this the end of the first major mezo-cycle going into the competition phase of my training. After this week, me and my coach, Scott, will re-evaluate where I’m at, and the meet this coming Saturday will really be a big benchmark for me as I am running the 200 and the 400. I feel like I have come a long ways in the last month. I began this cycle running 6 x 400 meters, which almost killed me the first time, but then worked up to 6 x 600, and now 6 x 800. I have also done a couple sprint ladders, including a tough 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1, and that actually boosted my confidence in my endurance as I was able to finish each sprint powerfully and with some relaxation. Later this week I have 8 x 300 meters fast on the track, and that will lead into the meet this weekend.

I must mention that I need to work more on my flat out speed, as that may be a limiting factor in my ability to bring down my 400 time. I think in order to really get down under 50, I will have to be able to run a 200 in the low 23’s at least. My best is a 23.48, and recently I have only run around 24.30. As my former high school team that I help coach for begin their season in the next few weeks, my workouts will begin to shift to focus more towards building high-end speed as opposed to speed-endurance. This will all be a part of our overall plan to help me reach my peak in the early part of summer.

Next update should be a week from now, and I’ll post my results from the meet!

Runwithpower Facebook Fan Page has recently published a fan page on Facebook, and has been growing in numbers over the last month! We just passed the 250 fan mark, and as promised, posted a link to a free workout routine for all Facebook fans of! As soon as we reach 500 fans, the larger version of that workout routine will become available for free download. Follow this link to go to our Facebook fan page, become a fan, then get your free workout!!! Then, invite all of your friends to also become fans!


Hood to Coast Training Day #2

We met this morning for another round of training. Similar to last week we focused mostly on building up a muscular system that promotes a strong durable stride. It was early but the guys still worked hard and loved the back to back combination of Standing Front to Back Lunges then straight to Back Foot Elevated Lunges. Here are a few pics of the guys working out this morning.

Loren doing some weighted Hero Squats. Loren is joining us right now for these sessions as part of his training for the spring track season. Also as one of the Runwithpower trainers he ran the majority of the workout today.

Aaron found some time in his baskektball schedule to come over and train. His basketball season is over in a few weeks so he is excited to start working towards his Spring track season as well.

Jason decided to go barefoot for this one. We decided that this also meant he should have to run the first leg of the race which is a brutal downhill at the Top of Mount Hood for several miles barefoot as well. Knowing him, he just might try it!

In the next few weeks will continue to work on this style of muscle training to develop some very powerful and efficient strides. We will be doing some early season bench mark runs coming up in February as well. Many of our guys are already in decent running shape. Josh is of course well into his training for the Boston Marathon so he could run circles around most of us right now. Well some of us anyway.

We will update again next week.


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