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IMG_1999For nearly twenty years now I have been in pursuit of how to make people more efficient and powerful runners. I have been able to train along some of the best trainers in the realms of both speed and endurance. Utilizing the combined knowledge of our ideas with the system we have created is capable of providing any runner the chance to go from any starting point to reaching for their own personal best. Understanding how to truly unlock power in your body is the secret to better performance regardless of what style of running you choose. I am excited to share with you the knowledge we have gained to allow you to become the runner your body was intended to be.

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Scott Olson

I believe that every athlete can benefit from our method of training by unlocking their true power. I have been using this system off and on for over 5 years and relaized it was even superior to some college programs I was a part of.  The main difference is in the amount of power you can achieve. True power comes from a high level of muscular efficiency. This means that the entire muscular system in your body has been trained to do its job of holding the joints in their ideal alignment, and having the capability to move those joints through their full range of motion.

The truth is, most athletes suffer in their performance not because they do not have enough “strength” or haven’t done enough “conditioning.” They really suffer because their entire muscular system is not working together in the manner it is meant to, and that is to achieve perfect anatomical alignment of the skeletal system. In this position, an athlete is as durable and powerful as they have the potential to be. Once an athlete has trained their muscular system to be able to accomplish these tasks, they literally will unlock a whole new degree of power and durability that they never could have achieved before.

Using a unique method of training, we can show you how to get the most out of your body by making it as efficient as possible.

Loren Sheets


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