What does it Mean to Run With Power?

IMG_1700When choosing a name for the new blog we looked at hundreds of possibilities. We chose runwithpower because for us, this is what represents being a successful runner, regardless of the style of running you do. Running, like most actions our bodies do, becomes better the more efficient it is. Think of the various systems in your body. Your cardiovascular system works more efficiently when your you give your body the stimulus it needs to cause the heart and lungs to pump more blood and at an increased rate. Your digestive system works more effectively when your food choices represent natural fresh choices that are chemical free. To us running is no different. The better stimulus you give to your body in regards to your ability to run, the more effective you will be at running.

To us, power means that your muscular system is working on an incredibly efficient level. What does an efficient muscular system mean you ask? Well in our opinion it has 2 primary functions. First it is responsible for the alignment of the skeletal system. Second it is designed to move the skeletal system. So an efficient and therefore powerful muscular system is one that is capable of holding your body in perfect posture as well as creating proper movement throughout the full range of motion throughout your joints.

The key to this is that if your muscular system is capable of doing this then all physical demands you place on your body will not be limited by a lack of efficiency. How many of you know someone or are someone who is unable to run for long distances due to chronic symptoms such as shin splints or plantar fasciits? Are you unable to run near your top speed without the risk of pulling a muscle? Do you need to wear orthotics to be able to run? Are you trying to get your 40 yard dash time down only to find yourself stuck at a certain time?

All of these are a lack of efficiency in your muscular system. Even the chronic injuries in our opinion can be attributed to a poor muscular system.

So what does it mean to Run with Power? It means that your capable of running any speed or distance that you are genetically given. It means that you can run effortlessly and without the risks of acute and chronic injuries. It means that there is only one limiting factor in reaching your running goals, your desire to achieve it.

Continue to be a part of the Runwithpower community and we will show you how to be able to reach your goals and become a truly powerful runner.

Scott Olson


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