The 4 Laws of Training Part #2

I want to go over what we believe to be the 4 primary laws that everyone needs to understand when it comes to training. We understand that some of you may have others that you use or follow but we have found these to be the most important. These laws are what we at runwithpower use to establish our mentality on everything that impacts the human body. these laws are not something that has been tested in a lab setting or used by carious trainer certifications as a common tool, however, in our opinion they should be. these laws are established by how the human body works, not by some pretense that research tried to prove at some point.

Law #1 – The first law is pretty simple, it identifies the fact that the human body is designed to respond to stimulus. Everything our body does is in response to stimulus. Specifically for what we are discussing in this blog lets keep this in regards to the muscular system. Our muscles are designed to be used. As a matter of fact when you do not use your muscles they eventually lose their ability to do the jobs they were designed for. The two primary jobs are of course movement and alignment of the skeletal system. An analogy we like to use is that of a cast. Imagine putting your lower leg in a cast and leaving it on for a few weeks. Anyone who has broken their leg can tell ou that when the cast is removed the muscles are smaller, weaker, and much less able to perform their intended functions.

This is an extreme example of not using our muscular system but what about when you have been sitting in the car on a long road trip for several hours, and then you stop as a gas station and step out of the car, think of how slowly you straighten out your legs and how tight your muscles have become. Now think of the number of hours you have been sitting like this your entire life. I would be willing to bet most of you are reading this while sitting in a chair. The point of this post is to get you to understand that everything is a form of stimulus, even if it is a lack of stimulus, and that the body has no choice but to react and change based on that stimulus. We have a saying at runwithpower, “Whatever you are currently doing is causing you to either get better or worse, there is no staying the same.”

The knowledge of this should change you entire outlook on training and physical performance. It is not just the heavy weights, repetitive drills or the intense activities that make us the athletes we are. It is the entire combination of all the reactions to stimulus that have been taking place over the course of your whole life that have made your body what it is today.

Scott Olson

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    January 28th, 2010 at 2:19 pm


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