The 4 Laws of Training Part #3

Law #2

Following Law #1, the second law refers to the amount of stimulus you give to your body. So Law #2 says the following, “The greater the amount of stimulus you receive, the greater the amount of anatomical change will occur”. This can be both a positive and a negative. For example, if you spend a tremendous amount of time in a seated position like we mentioned in the previous post, your muscles will become tight and the body will literally conform itself to the seated position. Now imagine staying in this seated position for 24 hours straight. Good luck getting out of that chair. That is a great example of how Law #2 can affect us in a negative way. I have very fair skin so if I spend hours out in the sun without spf 450 on I typically pay the price with a fun little sunburn that hurts for days.

How does Law #2 affect us in a positive way is really dependent upon what you do. If you eat a healthy diet, you will be able to control your weight, have greater amounts of energy, and have a healthier lifestyle overall. If you consistently warm-up prior to exercise your muscular system will always do a better job of performing the demands you are about to place on it. If you consistently do a cool-down following your workouts you will help to eliminate the potential negative side effects of your workout and allow the body the chance to remain in the anatomically correct position which will help to eliminate soreness and hold over fatigue.

I could literally type for days on all the examples of how Law #2 impacts our lives. The key to remember is that you need to be aware of how much of anything you are doing and decide if this is the desired effect you want to have happen. If you constantly lift weights for your chest and biceps but only do about 1/3 of that amount for the other muscles of the upper body you have to understand that this will come with some negative ramifications. Too much demand to the muscles of the chest and not enough to the other directions of the body will cause you to pull your shoulders forward and out of alignment. The negative side effects to this are numerous, especially for an athlete.

Your body was designed to respond to stimulus. This was Law #1. Law #2 is there for you to make a choice. You can either use Law #1 for your benefit or your demise. Runwithpower is going to teach you how to utilize training techniques in the appropriate manner to make sure you are not allowing your body to develop imbalances that could negatively impact your stride.

Scott Olson

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