Hood to Coast Teams Announced and…….. We are in!

We are extremely excited to announce that in our first attempt we have been accepted as one of the 1,000 teams for the 29th Annual Hood to Coast Relay to be held in August of 2010. There were nearly 2,000 entires this year and for the 12th straight year they filled all 1,000 open spots on the first day of registration. If you have not heard of the event before it is a 197 mile relay in Oregon that begins at the top of Mount Hood and works its way through Portland all the way to the sand on the beach in Seaside.

Each team is made up of about 12 runners and each runner has 3 separate legs they must run. The legs vary from as little as 3.5 miles all the way up to 7.5 miles. Check out their website at the link above to see the maps and even a breakdown of each of the legs by difficulty.

This is going to be a great chance to share with you many of the training techniques we use and we will update you weekly on how the progress of our team is going. We also want to take this chance to go through the entire experience with you. From a quick summary of each of the legs to the uniqueness that is the event itself. We hope you join us along the way!

Congratulations to the 2010 Runwithpower Hood to Coast Team!


Scott Olson


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