Do you tighten up when you run; Part 2

This is one of my favorite running videos. This is a great example of one specific runner, Jeremy Wariner, who has the efficiency in his muscular system that enables him to maintain a smooth, powerful stride even while other runners lose their form near the end of a race. Wariner is the 3rd runner in the all green Baylor University singlet. Practically none of us could ever begin to approach Jeremy Wariner in terms of speed, simply because of the fact that we all have not been blessed with his level of genetic ability. Yet through proper training, any runner can develop the muscular efficiency that will allow them to be able to run with nearly as much power and fluidity at the end of a race or game as at the beginning without hitting the wall and losing their form.

Another runner to watch is Baylors 4th runner, 4×400 Olympic gold medalist Darold Williamson. Back when we were talking about the components of speed, stride frequency and stride length, we emphasized how we can make the biggest improvements to our speed by training to increase our stride length. Watch how long Williamson’s strides are compared to the runner several meters back. His leg turnover is not any faster than probably any of us, really, yet his tremendous speed is due to the fact that he can cover so much ground with each stride.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did. Wariner is one of my all time favorite runners, he reminds me of the older generations of runners who were so fluid and powerful as opposed to the tight, muscle bound sprinters of the modern era.

Loren Sheets


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