If We Could ask Santa for Anything to Help us Run Better it Would be………

IMG_2283Scott Olson – When we began discussing this topic the first thing that popped into my head was speed. I miss being able to run fast. I remember what it felt like to really be able to open up and hit that top gear and just cruise for a bit. I had a few glimpses last summer of it for the first time in a long time but once the High School Seasons came around my time for my own training disappeared.

So If Santa could give me a gift of running I would ask him to grant me the ability to run at my fastest speed that my body is capable of at any time. Runners often talk about that running high. That spot you can reach during runs where everything feels perfect for a time. If you have never felt this sensation, you need to because it is one of the most powerful and cleansing experiences I have ever received from working out. For me this occurs not during distance running but during those moments of feeling fast and free in my stride.

IMG_2234Loren Sheets – I would have to say that I wish Santa could drop a pair of slightly longer legs into my stocking. I am jealous of Usain Bolts long legs, and his huge stride. If I only had those genetics. Longer legs require greater strength and power in the muscular system, especially around the hips, to be able to move. Luckily Bolt has that power in his hips, so his long legs work to his advantage. If I could be 3 to 5 inches taller (6’3 – 6-5′), I have a feeling that I would be significantly faster if I also trained my muscular system to be powerful and efficient (which is what runwithpower is all about!) Hopefully I wake up Friday morning to find a new pair of longer legs sitting under the tree.

IMG_2147Josh Platt – Being able to run at top speed and having some longer legs both sound pretty cool (Especially since i’m only 5’8″) but if Santa could give me any gift to help me run I would ask for the ability to run without ever “hitting the wall” or getting tired.  This is every distance runner’s dream and can be the difference between a good runner and a great one.  The feeling of being able to speed up and blow past the competition as they are fading away and fighting their stride is a pretty amazing feeling.  I know I could have used that in the Portland Marathon for the last five miles or so!  Luckily through my training with runwithpower I will have better endurance than ever as I prepare to take on the Boston Marathon!


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