A Quick Review of My Boston Marathon Goal

IMG_1972For those of you that don’t know my pursuit of the Boston Marathon started all the way back on June 1, 2009 when I began my training for the Portland Marathon.  I set out with the goal of qualifying for Boston on my first attempt, not really sure if I could do it or not.  It was one thing to say I would and another to actually run the race and make the time.  I remember reading stories from Runner’s World magazine about how some runners had tried as many as thirteen times to qualify before finally achieving my goal.  My initial doubts were swept away after my first week of training.  I was not only exceeding my expectations for myself, but I recieved great coaching and encouragement to keep my confidence growing throughout my training.

As the mileage increased I continued to find success and stayed healthy as well, thanks to the many endurance circuits and supplement routines in addition to my runs.  The closer race day came and the more I thought about it, the better I felt about my chances for achieving my hard-fought goal.

The morning of Sunday October fourth brought an experience like nothing I had ever been a part of before.  Thousands of runners and cheering spectators made for an electric atmosphere.  The adrenaline coarsed through my body like rushing rapids, making me eager to start the race.  Once the race was on it was a combination muscular endurance, muscular efficiency, and sheer mental toughness that allowed me to will myself to the finish line.  As I crossed utter exhaustion consumed me, but it didn’t matter because being able to see my time as I finished made it all worth it.  My final time was 3hours 9minutes and 18 seconds! I had qualified for the Boston Marathon!!  The past couple of weeks I have started training again, this time with a new goal, to run under Three hours in the Boston Marathon…

Here is link if you want to read about my journey up to the Portland Marathon on our Train2move Site.

I look forward to sharing my quest to reach my next goal with all of you!

Josh Platt

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