Hood to Coast Training Day #2

We met this morning for another round of training. Similar to last week we focused mostly on building up a muscular system that promotes a strong durable stride. It was early but the guys still worked hard and loved the back to back combination of Standing Front to Back Lunges then straight to Back Foot […]

Boston Marathon Update: Training – A few new components

I know it’s been forever since my last post (thanks to all my hw!!) but I am happy to say my training has stayed consistent and allowed me to run strong, fast, and efficient! The Boston Marathon will only be my second marathon in what I hope to be a long and successful running career. […]

Running Injuries: Preventable!

Good news! Your running injury is not just a random accident, but has in fact happen for a specific reason and also has a preventable cause. Just about every non-contact, sports-related injury can somehow be attributed to improper function of our muscles. With a bit of knowledge of the body and how it works, you […]

Hood to Coast Training Begins

Today we got our Hood to Coast training started. There was just 6 of us today since some had other commitments but we were still able to kick off our training with an excellent muscle development workout. This early in the training we are completely focused on building a muscular system capable of withstanding the […]

Loren’s Sub-Fifty Quest: Part 6

This past weekend I got to run the 200 meter in the University of Washington Indoor Preview. It really was just a practice run for me, the first official competitive race of my season. I ran a fairly average time, but a good season opening time for me at 24.30. One thing I tried was […]

Cold Weather Running Tips

I was sitting at my Son’s Soccer game awhile back and one of the other parents was talking about how cold it was on her run this morning. I was reminded of the importance of taking care of yourself when running in the cold winter weather. In Northwest Oregon it seems as though the temperature […]

Loren’s Sub-Fifty Quest: Part 5

All through my senior year, I was focusing on two colleges in southern California which I wanted to attend, and planned on running track. I visited each, and decided on the one, mostly for the prestige of their program. I really wanted to give my college career the best shot for breaking 50 seconds, so […]

Loren’s Sub-Fifty Quest: Part 4

The summer between my junior and senior year I did a training camp called Trinity Sports Camps, which was run by Scott Olson, my track coach, and was an excellent time for getting some intense training in before going into my senior year. Unfortunately, I was way out shape at that point from vacationing for […]

Loren’s Sub-Fifty Quest: Part 3

As Soon as I transferred to my new high school, I immediately began training with the runwithpower training system, and my body began changing. If you look through the philosophy section of this blog, you can read up on how we view training the human body to be as powerful and efficient as possible to […]

Loren’s Quest for Sub-Fifty: Part 2

Now that you have a little bit of background information into my quest to run sub-fifty, I want to break down the different stages of my running career. For this post, I will focus on my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I went to a small private high school my first 2 years, […]


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