Hood to Coast Training Begins

Today we got our Hood to Coast training started. There was just 6 of us today since some had other commitments but we were still able to kick off our training with an excellent muscle development workout. This early in the training we are completely focused on building a muscular system capable of withstanding the demands of the Hood to Coast relay. This means we will need to be able to handle running 3 legs various degrees of elevation and distance at completely random times of the day (including in the middle of the night) while being in a seated position in a van for prolonged periods of time.

Being able to handle this is not the real issue for us. We want to do it to perfection so that we can maximize our speed and overall time as a team. The key to doing anything in the running world extremely well is to train for very high levels of muscular efficiency. This means having a muscular system that has very few limitations in strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Accomplishing this first enables the act of adding aerobic endurance later on significantly easier. Loren discusses this in his latest post on his Sub-Fifty Quest.

So today we did a stations workout based around stairs, balance beams, free weight benches, ankle weights, and ropes. Each of these was designed to elicit a specific response from the muscular system to create a more powerful Stride. Next week will be something new as each week we make changes to keep our bodies on the proper progression.

Devin working hard on the beams!

Today we also handed out warm-ups and cool-downs to everyone to use as they go for any running workouts they may do on their own during the week. We will make these warm-ups and cool-downs available to you in the next week or so.

We will update you again each week as we continue our training.

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