Loren’s Sub-Fifty Quest: Part 7

Well its Monday and I am just starting the 4th week of this first period of my running progression. I did a tough 6 x 800 meters today, and I can definitely notice the increase in my muscular endurance from just a few weeks ago. I guess you could call this the end of the first major mezo-cycle going into the competition phase of my training. After this week, me and my coach, Scott, will re-evaluate where I’m at, and the meet this coming Saturday will really be a big benchmark for me as I am running the 200 and the 400. I feel like I have come a long ways in the last month. I began this cycle running 6 x 400 meters, which almost killed me the first time, but then worked up to 6 x 600, and now 6 x 800. I have also done a couple sprint ladders, including a tough 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1, and that actually boosted my confidence in my endurance as I was able to finish each sprint powerfully and with some relaxation. Later this week I have 8 x 300 meters fast on the track, and that will lead into the meet this weekend.

I must mention that I need to work more on my flat out speed, as that may be a limiting factor in my ability to bring down my 400 time. I think in order to really get down under 50, I will have to be able to run a 200 in the low 23’s at least. My best is a 23.48, and recently I have only run around 24.30. As my former high school team that I help coach for begin their season in the next few weeks, my workouts will begin to shift to focus more towards building high-end speed as opposed to speed-endurance. This will all be a part of our overall plan to help me reach my peak in the early part of summer.

Next update should be a week from now, and I’ll post my results from the meet!

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