Hood to Coast Training Day #4 Balance Beams for Running?

Today was another great workout. The concept for this one continues our progression of developing higher levels of power in our strides. To accomplish this goal today we focused on increasing the range of motion in the major muscles of the lower body by doing some partner range of motion exercises and some long static hold positions to lengthen the muscles of the hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors, and also the lumbar spine.

Following the lengthening of these muscles we would then go and place some high levels of demand on them by doing loaded moves on a series of balance beams. The purpose behind the balance beams is it forces you to create a higher level of muscular activation due to the amount of balance coupled with the normal running moves Like High Knee Walks and Lunges.

Below is a video Loren, Josh and I put together that demonstrates some of the partner stretching we did today. This was made awhile ago for our other training blog, Train2move.com

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