A successful First Hood to Coast!

Despite some last minute changes to the team, we were still able to finish 80th Overall with a time of 24:14:29! We were pleased overall but now the challenge begins to improve. We are praying our team is allowed back in again this year as we have already set our sights on a top 40 finish in 2011. The race itself was incredible. It was a very unique experience for us as at one point we were the very last place team on the course. The race goes in waves so teams begin in the morning and are released in 15 minute intervals all the way until 6:45 pm. Our first van had the pleasure of being passed by all of the elite teams that took off after us but we also started to quickly catch some of the teams that left ahead of us.

During the end of the second van’s first shift there was an accident of some sort just a minute or so after our runner and two teams behind us had passed. This stopped all teams behind us and those teams were moved ahead further into the race and picked it up from there. Needless to say the two teams left behind us caught and passed us so we had the unique experience of being the very last team on the course. We eventually caught hundreds of teams and we had the unique opportunity to get double road kills on the same runners as we had to repass everyone we did in the first 8-9 legs.

Here are some pictures form the great event. Thanks to all who volunteered to make Hood to Coast such a unique and spectacular event.

The Starting Line at Timberline Lodge. Our Team left in one of the last waves starting at 6:15pm Friday Night

Getting ready for one of the last van exchanges


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