Run With Power Welcomes our Newest Trainer Cindy Walsh

Runwithpower is thrilled to welcome Cindy to our training staff

As the newest member of the RunwithPower team it is fitting that I introduce myself and provide a brief personal history so you, the reader, have an understanding of who I am and the experiences I have encountered as they will surely influence my future posts on My name is Cindy, a recent college grad; I spent my undergraduate years studying Health and Human Performance. Studying HHP seemed to be an obvious field of study as the years leading up to college were filled with a unique fascination for sports, injuries and rehabilitation.

There were early signs that I may be athletically inclined, I was crawling by 6 months and mastered walking before 9 months. Some of my earliest memories are of “shooting hoops” in my basement with my dad and brother. I participated in all of the traditional childhood team sports, but always had more of a passion for basketball. I continued to play multiple sports throughout Jr. High and High School, trying new sports as they became available (i.e. track in Jr. High).

I was fortunate to escape injury until basketball season my sophomore year when the floodgates opened. The first injury incurred was the “unhappy triad” I tore the ACL, MCL and Meniscus in my left knee as a result of a jump stop gone wrong. Out of respect for your time I’ll give you a quick synopsis of the remainder of my basketball career: Jr. year, torn left ACL. Sr. year, torn right ACL. At this point I did not feel like my career should be over so I thought I would give college ball a try. I tore the ACL in my right knee within minutes of the first open gym I attended.

I was not going to let my athletic career come to an end one week into college. I had previously considered trying to participate in both basketball and track, when I finally accepted the fact that basketball just was not going to work out I became that much more determined to make track—long jump specifically, “my sport” and that it has become. With a personal goal yet to be satisfied my track career is still very much alive, and there are high hopes for this season!

It was because of my knee injuries that I was introduced to the training system is dedicated to sharing with you. I have had the opportunity to practice efficiency training for over 7 years. Until recently I have just been a participant, however, I am now taking on an additional role one responsible for showing, teaching, and sharing with others how efficiency training can impact athletic performance and even day to day lives.

I look forward to sharing more about philosophy and training as my understanding continues to grow. While the educational topics are the focus of, we provide our personal stories so our readers can connect and share in our experiences. To this effect I included my basketball injuries to provide hope and motivation to those who are experiencing similar circumstances. If you experience an injury, know that with hard work and determination you can bounce back…plus you never know what unexpected benefits may result from your injury!


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