Josh’s Boston Marathon Experience Part 2

My worries were pushed to the back of my mind as I entered Athlete’s Village on that crisp and cool Monday morning.  Thousands of runners from all over the world were there, all of them just as eager as me to see the dream become a reality a few short hours away.  The hours melted […]


Josh’s Boston Marathon Experience Part 1

It’s amazing what one week with a really bad cold can do to three months worth of rigorous training.  I was a month and a half away from leaving for Boston when one of the most challenging moments in my young running career seemed to all but destroy my chances.  I woke up one Monday […]


Boston Marathon Update: Training – A few new components

I know it’s been forever since my last post (thanks to all my hw!!) but I am happy to say my training has stayed consistent and allowed me to run strong, fast, and efficient! The Boston Marathon will only be my second marathon in what I hope to be a long and successful running career. […]

A Quick Review of My Boston Marathon Goal

For those of you that don’t know my pursuit of the Boston Marathon started all the way back on June 1, 2009 when I began my training for the Portland Marathon.  I set out with the goal of qualifying for Boston on my first attempt, not really sure if I could do it or not.  […]


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