Trinity Summer Conditioning Camp 2010

For the fifth summer in a row, Trinity Sports has hosted its July training camp, a 4 hour per day, 5 day per week, 4-week sports conditioning camp. There really is nothing like getting up at 8 in the morning and for 4 grueling hours, pushing your body to the absolute limit. Camp was a […]


Cold Weather Running Tips

I was sitting at my Son’s Soccer game awhile back and one of the other parents was talking about how cold it was on her run this morning. I was reminded of the importance of taking care of yourself when running in the cold winter weather. In Northwest Oregon it seems as though the temperature […]

Training Tip #1; Use Stairs to Build a More Powerful Stride

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TRAINING TIP #1 THERE IS MORE TO DO THAN JUST RUN ON STAIRS Stairs are typically used as a way to increase knee drive and many runners will occasionally run on them. We wanted to show you some additional moves to use while at a stadium or around stairs that can help increase your power […]


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