The 4 Laws of Training Part #5

Law #4 The final Law is the one that is actually the result of doing the previous 3 correctly. We believe that our bodies are designed to be in the anatomically correct position at all times. What we mean by this is that your skeletal system should always be in perfect alignment. If you have […]

The 4 Laws of Training Part #4

Law #3 What if we told you there was one training system that would work perfectly for every single human on the planet and has been working correctly since the dawn of mankind? If we made a sweet infomercial and offered it in 3 easy installments of just 29.95 would you buy it? The fitness […]

The 4 Laws of Training Part #3

Law #2 Following Law #1, the second law refers to the amount of stimulus you give to your body. So Law #2 says the following, “The greater the amount of stimulus you receive, the greater the amount of anatomical change will occur”. This can be both a positive and a negative. For example, if you […]

The 4 Laws of Training Part #2

I want to go over what we believe to be the 4 primary laws that everyone needs to understand when it comes to training. We understand that some of you may have others that you use or follow but we have found these to be the most important. These laws are what we at runwithpower […]

The 4 Laws of Training Part #1

I have been in the business of training people to become better runners for close to 20 years now. I have had the chance to meet hundreds of trainers who were all specialists in one aspect or another regarding the different running styles. Many of them had great techniques that they used and I learned […]


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