A successful First Hood to Coast!

Despite some last minute changes to the team, we were still able to finish 80th Overall with a time of 24:14:29! We were pleased overall but now the challenge begins to improve. We are praying our team is allowed back in again this year as we have already set our sights on a top 40 […]

Hood to Coast Training Day #4 Balance Beams for Running?

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Today was another great workout. The concept for this one continues our progression of developing higher levels of power in our strides. To accomplish this goal today we focused on increasing the range of motion in the major muscles of the lower body by doing some partner range of motion exercises and some long static […]

Hood to Coast Training Day #3 Stairs, Stairs, and then some more Stairs

I apologize for the lateness of this update. This dates back to last Saturday when we decided to meet at a location where we had access to some stairs. It was a great workout as all of our stair routines are. The benefit of using the stairs is the ability to force your hips into […]

Hood to Coast Training Day #2

We met this morning for another round of training. Similar to last week we focused mostly on building up a muscular system that promotes a strong durable stride. It was early but the guys still worked hard and loved the back to back combination of Standing Front to Back Lunges then straight to Back Foot […]

Hood to Coast Training Begins

Today we got our Hood to Coast training started. There was just 6 of us today since some had other commitments but we were still able to kick off our training with an excellent muscle development workout. This early in the training we are completely focused on building a muscular system capable of withstanding the […]


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