Do you tighten up when you run; Part 2

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This is one of my favorite running videos. This is a great example of one specific runner, Jeremy Wariner, who has the efficiency in his muscular system that enables him to maintain a smooth, powerful stride even while other runners lose their form near the end of a race. Wariner is the 3rd runner in […]


Do you tighten up when you run?

How many of you find that when you are running for a while, you begin to lose your form? Your shoulders and neck begin to tighten up, you begin to arch your lower back, and all your muscles are straining, trying to fight fatigue that seems to be slowing you down. I knew this feeling well, […]

What are the Best Upper Body Moves for Runners Part #1

This may surprise you but we think that running all comes down to efficiency. Ok maybe that does not surprise you but we do wonder why so many programs think that laying on your back pressing a barbell off your chest is somehow going to impact your running. What you will hear is, well doing […]

Dorsiflexion in Sprinting

Dorsiflexion is the action of the ankle joint that brings the dorsal, or top region, of the foot upward towards your body. Flexion of the ankle or foot is another term commonly used to refer to dorsiflexion. The action is opposite of plantar-flexion, which is pointing the toes downward and extending the ankle. The primary muscles […]

Proper Running Form and Muscular Efficiency

If you have already read about our 4 laws of training then you have an idea of what our training system is all about. If you have not read them yet we recommend you check them out first. Either way here is our take on running form and how to train for it. Wherever you […]

Increasing Stride Length Part #1

What is the key to increasing stride length? Longer strides literally come from the increase in force between your foot and the ground. Since Newton’s Laws of Motion state that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, when you push on the ground while your foot is in contact with it, the ground actually […]

Stride Length vs Stride Frequency

In the context of running, speed is composed of two variables: stride frequency and stride length. These two variables are specifically related to our definition of speed, which is distance over time. Stride frequency relates to the time factor, while stride length relates to the distance factor. So, your speed is ultimately determines by how […]

The 4 Laws of Training Part #1

I have been in the business of training people to become better runners for close to 20 years now. I have had the chance to meet hundreds of trainers who were all specialists in one aspect or another regarding the different running styles. Many of them had great techniques that they used and I learned […]


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